7th Design Triennial

15.12.13 - 9.03.2014 C-mine Genk


The 7th Design Triennial in Flanders is an investigation into the social relevance of design and the responsibility taken by designers in our society.

Visit Conflict & Design and win the book Subjective Atlas of Palestine by Annelys de Vet!

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Museum In Our Street

From 24 the Rondpuntlaan and Vredestraat in Genk

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Nocturnes by curator Kurt Vanbelleghem

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Conflict & Design Web App

Bring your smartphone or tablet!

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About the exhibition

This triennial focuses on both the way in which designers deal with conflict situations and the impact of their designs on society. Even more, ‘conflict’ for them is an opportunity to search for innovative social design processes and projects. It lends their work substance and meaning. The exhibition provides food for thought as to how, in the (near) future, we will be forced to interact with one another and manage our natural resources in radically new ways.

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